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Effective Date: July 1, 2019

Offer subject to change.

Qualified Products List View list

  • Must be between 1 and 5 horsepower nominal output.
  • Condensers must have a scroll compressor.
  • Must include floating head pressure controls which modulate condenser fan speed. Examples of this include the Limitrol and Orbus controllers.
  • Condensers must be certified for outdoor installation.
Qualifying Models Include (see full list above)
Manufacturer Brand(s) Cabinet Type Compressor Type Floating Head Pressure Controller Distributor(s)
Danfoss XGE-4C Outdoor Scroll Yes F.W. Webb
Emerson Copeland Scroll X-Line Outdoor Scroll Yes Bell Simons, F.W. Webb, Sid Harvey's, United Refrigeration
Heatcraft Bohn, Larkin, Chandler Outdoor Scroll Yes (Orbus) Bell Simons, F.W. Webb, Sid Harvey's, United Refrigeration
Mueller E-Star HiPerForm Outdoor Scroll Yes Paul Mueller Company
Trenton Quiet Unit Outdoor Scroll Yes United Refrigeration



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