LED Farm Lighting

LEDs are used in many applications, including agricultural lighting. They provide the most energy savings and best-quality light. Screw-based LEDs fit into any standard lightbulb fixture and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. LEDs also perform well in cold temperatures, so they’re ideal for barns, walk-in coolers, and yards. Their light is highly directional, which increases security and allows work to continue after dark.

  • Increase milk production, breeding rates, and plant growth
  • Save up to 75% on lighting costs compared to incandescent bulbs
  • Easier disposal: more than 95% of an LED bulb is recyclable

LED Lighting for Indoor Growing

LED technology for indoor growing has been advancing rapidly in recent years. Energy-efficient LEDs can reduce your electrical system load and monthly energy costs, enabling sustainable year-round growing.

Some of the benefits of LED grow lights include:

  • Energy savings
    • Use about half the wattage of other grow light technologies
    • Runs cooler than other technologies – this means less need for fan or cooling power
  • Better growing conditions
    • Can provide good canopy penetration
    • Can provide the right color spectrum for growing plants
    • Can be dimmed or color-tuned depending on the product
  • Convenience
    • Last longer than other technologies
    • Work well when they are cycled on and off
    • Work well with controls and timers

Linear Fluorescent Lighting

For farms already using linear fluorescent lighting, High-Performance T8s (HPT8s) and T5 High Outputs (T5HOs) can be a good upgrade—and a less expensive one than LEDs. Vapor-proof linear fixtures keep out dust and bugs and can be hosed down for easy cleaning. And HPT8s last 35–50% longer, which means less money spent on replacements and maintenance.

  • Save money: HPT8s last up to 50% longer, use 35–50% less energy than T12s
  • Cut down on maintenance with airtight, vapor-proof fixtures
  • T5HOs are ideal for high-ceilinged areas that require more light

Where Farm Lighting Is Used

Energy-efficient LEDs and fluorescents boost productivity, safety, and comfort in many farm structures and spaces. They provide better area lighting for horse arenas, farmyards, sugar houses, and dairy barns. Task lighting is improved in processing and sorting rooms, milking parlors, egg-packing rooms, and repair shops. And in offices, screw-based LEDs and CFLs offer excellent, cost-effective general and task lighting.

  • Help farm workers and visiting veterinarians do their jobs more effectively
  • Improve indoor, outdoor, area, task, and office lighting
  • Combine with auto-daylight and occupancy sensors to save even more