Fall 2021 Program Changes & Reminders

Heat Pump Updates

Integrated Controls Pilot

On October 8th, Efficiency Vermont will launch a new, limited time incentive program to support the installation of integrated controls at the time of installation of new ductless minisplits.

Integrated controls allow the homeowner to control their ductless minisplit and central heating system through a single thermostat. The integrated controls optimize the use of the heat pump, switching on the central system when it becomes much colder outside and the heat pump can no longer cover the load, or its efficiency significantly declines.

Below are the program details:

  • The incentive will be up to $600 per installation, with a $150 minimum customer contribution. A $200 SPIFF will also be offered to installers for each qualified rebate submitted. Residential customers only
  • Program participation requires following a short program overview training, manufacturer product-specific training(s), and enrolling in the EEN integrated controls subgroup with documentation to demonstrate having followed trainings
  • The program overview training will be a webinar on October 8th and a recording will be available online afterwards. Information and links to manufacturer trainings will be shared at the training. Pre-register at: https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/events/2021/10/08/integrated-controls-for-ductless-heat-pumps and contact Juliette at (802) 540-7914 or [email protected] with questions

**Please note: GMP currently offers a separate e-control program to their customers. GMP customers who install a Flair Puck Pro integrated control can receive an additional incentive if they sign-up for the GMP eControl program (more information about this program is noted below).**

GMP Heat Pump Rebates

Some exciting changes start on November 1st that will boost the upfront discount for Green Mountain Power customers and streamline their experience at the same time.

  • GMP customers will receive $750-$850 off at the point of sale. The current GMP $400 end-user, mail-in rebate for each heat pump system will move to a point-of-sale discount, and be combined with the existing $350-$450 discount, for a total discount of $750-$850 for customers.
  • Extra savings for moderate and low-income Vermonters will continue via a downstream rebate, and GMP customers will only need to use a single combined EVT/GMP rebate form. Customers will no longer have to complete a separate EVT form, and a separate GMP form. Moderate income Vermonters will receive an additional $500, and low-income Vermonters will receive an additional $800. This form can be found on the Efficiency Vermont rebate page, when this goes into effect on November 1st. A link to the single form on EVT’s web site will also be available on GMP’s heat pump page.
  • The eControl Program which offers free Sensibo controllers will continue to be available for GMP customers who join the program. Sensibos give you convenience and control from your smartphone. This is separate from the Integrated Controls Pilot noted above, however, the Sensibo device can work in conjunction with the Flair Puck Pro device.

Please help inform your customers about these GMP rebate changes, and special offers.

Heat Pump “Split Sales” Rebate Process

Supply chain disruptions, coupled with extremely high demand for heat pumps, has resulted in some inventory constraints at distributors and some “split sales” situations where the outdoor unit is purchased from a different distributor than the indoor unit(s) for a particular system.

To ensure that all customers who purchase eligible equipment receive incentives, the following is how Efficiency Vermont will be handling these “split sale” submittals moving forward:

  • Only sales of complete systems are eligible for point of purchase “midstream” discounts
  • Contractors engaging in split purchases should contact their account manager
  • The account manager will provide an end-use customer rebate form
  • Contractors and their customers can opt to have the rebate go to the end-user OR the contractor (if the contractor opts to continue providing the discount on their invoice)
  • Rebates from the form are equal to what is available as a point of purchase discount
  • Please contact your Efficiency Vermont account manager with any questions

Commercial Lighting Updates

Effective October 1, 2021, Efficiency Vermont will make the following changes to the Commercial Lighting program at lighting/electrical distributors:

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Efficiency Vermont is seeking qualifications from electrical contractors regarding their interest and ability to install Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) at select Electric Vehicle dealerships in Vermont. Responses to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) must be delivered electronically to Efficiency Vermont by 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Utility Partner Updates

Vermont Gas Systems

VGS “Fast-Track”

VGS is looking for a few more weatherization contractors to participate in their residential “fast-track” program.

  • Contractors currently in the program have been paid nearly $600,000 in direct incentives over the past year, all within a week of sending invoices
  • VGS energy auditors regularly conduct comprehensive home audits for property owners whose energy usage is well above normal. They scope and present the weatherization project to the customer as a complete package based on cost-effectiveness and to maximize available incentives
  • Once the customer agrees to move ahead, VGS works with their “fast track” contractors to perform the job

To learn more about how this could benefit your business please reach out to Tim Perrin ([email protected]) or Chris Charuk ([email protected]).

Rebates for Natural Gas Equipment

VGS offers rebates and 0% financing for high-efficiency boilers, furnaces, and water heaters in both residential and commercial applications. They have updated their incentives ahead of the upcoming heating season, with up to $1100 back for qualifying equipment: https://www.vermontgas.com/residential-energy-services/equipment-rebates/.

Any questions or rebate applications can be submitted online or via [email protected].


For a limited time, VPPSA is offering a $2,000 incentive for income-qualifying customers who install a heat pump and weatherize their homes. The $2,000 incentive can either be sent to the contractor performing the weatherization/heat pump installation work or directly to the customer.

Here are the highlights:

  • Qualifying applicants must be customers of Barton Village Electric Department or Jacksonville Electric Company
  • Eligibility is based on household income
  • Customer must complete a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR project
  • Weatherization work must begin within 6 months of heat pump installation date
  • Limited offer while funds last!

For more information and the full rebate application and Terms & Conditions, visit https://vppsa.com/tailoredeffort2021/

Burlington Electric Department (BED)

RDC Enhanced Incentive Program

BED is pleased to announce that it has joined Efficiency Vermont on the “RDC Enhanced Incentive Program” for Burlington business customers:

  • BED could pay 90% of project costs, up to $40,000, for qualified electric energy efficiency projects
  • These enhanced incentives are only available for projects that complete in 2021 and this offer is available through 10/29/2021 for BED customers
  • BED customers can fill out the application form online and Efficiency Vermont will forward the application to BED or customers can download the form and send it to [email protected]

0% Interest Business Energy Loans

BED is also offering 0% interest loans (no money down) for business customers repaid on their monthly electric bill.

  • Loan funds can be used to make cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades and can now also be used to help the business community recover from the pandemic and prepare for future events
  • Projects can include improvements such as:
    • Building Ventilation: To reopen safely, many businesses will need to comply with COVID-19 local/state public health guidelines as well as ASHRAE ventilation standards (62.1 and 62.2)
    • Critical Equipment Failure Replacement: Funds to replace, or repair, a key piece of equipment should it fail or be near the end of its usable life, which may impact the ability to stay open or to be as productive or profitable
    • Building Façade Alterations: Includes installing a take-out service window in an existing door, non-operable window space or other area
  • Learn more at: https://www.burlingtonelectric.com/on-bill-financing and please send any questions to: [email protected]

BED 2022 Rebate Structure

BED is pleased to announce that all current 2021 rebates will remain in place for 2022, including all heat pump incentives. Please visit the BED website to see all available incentives: www.burlingtonelectric.com/rebates and send any questions to [email protected].

BED & VGS continue weatherization partnership in 2022

  • As heat pumps become more common in Burlington, many buildings will be hybrid space heaters (partial heat pump and partial natural gas). BED and VGS recognize that many of these buildings would benefit greatly from professional weatherization upgrades
  • BED and VGS has developed a streamlined process to split the customer rebate
  • Customers will receive the same total rebate amount but may get a check from BED and one from VGS

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