Integrated Controls for Ductless Minisplit Heat Pumps

Integrated Controls for Ductless Minisplit Heat Pumps

Efficiency Vermont manages a program to support the installation of integrated controls at the time of installation of new ductless mini-splits in single family homes. Integrated controls allow the homeowner to control their ductless mini-split and central heating system through a single thermostat. The integrated controls optimize the use of the heat pump, switching on the central system when it becomes much colder outside and the heat pump can no longer cover the load, or its efficiency significantly declines.

The rebate is up to $600 per installation (residential only), with a $150 minimum customer contribution. A $200 trade ally incentive is also offered to installers for each qualified rebate submitted. 

    Program Participation Requirements:

    Program participation requires following a short program overview training, manufacturer's product-specific training(s), and enrolling in the EEN integrated controls subgroup with documentation to demonstrate training completion. 

    • Enroll in the Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) Integrated Controls Subgroup. You must also be enrolled in the EEN ductless heat pump subgroup. Already an EEN Member? Contact your Account Manager, or email [email protected] to enroll in the Integrated Controls service listing.
    • Install integrated controls along with a new heat pump installation following best practice guidelines; program the integration using the balance point tool (.xls) to determine an appropriate balance point based on house characteristics, heat pump capacity, and customer goals.

    Integrated Controls Product Eligibility: 

    Current Qualified Products List:

    Qualifying integrated controls must:

    • Communicate a setpoint to both the ductless mini-split heat pump(s) and the central heating system 
    • Enable the setpoint to be entered on a single device (or web platform, not including IFTTT at this point)
    • Prioritize the heat pump or central system based on outdoor temperature, and remote room where needed to align with best practice guidelines*
    • Maintain heat pump performance
    • Connect to the internet. Integrated controls must at least revert to being locally controlled if internet connection is lost, with device controlling the heat pump and the central system operating individually.

    *Note: For installations where heat pump locations do not match the house’s heating zones, integrated controls must allow for integration of remote room sensor(s) and for the ability to prioritize the minisplit(s) or central system based on temperature data from the remote sensor(s).


    • What are Integrated controls for ductless mini-split heat pumps?
      • These devices control a ductless mini-split and central heating system from a single thermostat and can automatically switch between the two heating systems based on outdoor temperature and temperature in remote rooms.
    • What are the customer benefits of integrated controls?
      • Peace of mind (set it and forget it): ease of use for customers and simplified interactions with their heating systems with a single thermostat for all systems 
      • Maintaining or improving occupant comfort
      • All the benefits of connected thermostats such as remote access of their heating system
      • Feel good about doing what’s best for the environment and having cutting edge smart home technology
    • What rebates are available?
      • Efficiency Vermont offers up to a $600 incentive per customer, with a minimum $150 customer contribution (limited time offer)
      • Efficiency Vermont offers a $200 installer incentive for each eligible submission (limited time offer)
      • Electric utilities provide the funding to make this rebate possible
      • GMP customers who install a Flair thermostat can get an additional $60 for enrolling in GMP's device management platform
    • What are the rebate requirements?
      • Incentive is for new ductless mini-split heat pump installations only, not for heat pumps that are already installed
      • Use the switchover temperature calculation tool provided by Efficiency Vermont to determine the appropriate switchover temperature
      • Incentive cannot be combined with Efficiency Vermont’s smart thermostat incentive
      • Year-round residents only, no second homes
    • Do you have any product information I can share with my customers?
      • Manufacturers have provided the following PDFs for their products: 

    Contact Phil with additional questions at 802-540-7666 or [email protected]

    Manufacturers: for inclusion in QPL, send new product submission to [email protected]

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