LED lighting for your home

Refer to the Lighting Facts label

Some key things to look for are found on the Lighting Facts label; it lists brightness, in lumens; estimated lifespan, and light appearance.

What to look at on a bulb package:

  • A good all-purpose bulb has about 800 lumens—it's comparable to a 60 W incandescent bulb. Lumens is the amount of light produced by the bulb; the higher the number, the brighter the bulb. Watts are no longer a measurement of brightness as you may have thought when buying incandescent bulbs
  • Check the Kelvin range. A warm or soft white bulb has a rating of about 2700° K. A cool white light has a rating of about 5000° K
  • Look for ENERGY STAR if you don't want your bulb to flicker, change color, or stop working prematurely. ENERGY STAR bulbs have a lifespan of at least 15,000 hours or about 13 years. Not all LEDs are created equal

Important considerations

  • High-quality ENERGY STAR LEDs are available at throughout Vermont
  • For the best price on ENERGY STAR LEDs, look for the Efficiency Vermont Smart Choice signs
  • LED bulbs are more affordable than ever, making this a great time to upgrade

As always, if you have questions, contact us. We're here to help.