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About this rebate

Offer available to:

  • ✓ Residential Properties
  • ✓ Businesses

Effective Date: January 1, 2019

Offer subject to change.

State of Vermont EV Incentive Eligibility Details

  • Incentive amounts vary by income level and whether the vehicle is an all-electric or plug-in hybrid model. Please refer to the State Incentive Amounts by Vehicle Type and Income Level table at to learn more.
  • Available on first-come, first-served basis
  • State EV incentive funding will not apply retroactively to EV purchases or leases made when funds are exhausted and any new funds are not yet available. The program does not apply retroactively to purchases made between 10/1/2020 and 11/4/2020.
  • Must be a Vermont resident
  • One incentive per individual or married couple.
  • Not available for commercial or non-profit operations.
  • For personal use vehicles only; not available for vehicles intended for resale.
  • Incentives are available for plug-in electric vehicles sold/leased as new with a base manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $40,000 or less.
  • Leases must be for a term of 24 months or longer.

Utility, Federal, and Other Incentives

  • Requirements differ by program and utility. See the table under "Partner Offers" for the link to each program's details.

State of Vermont EV Incentive

  • There are two ways to get the State of Vermont EV incentive: either directly at a participating auto dealer or via a customer-direct application. Please visit for the steps to redeem your State incentive.
  • Additional incentives are available to Vermont residents whose cars have been damaged by flooding. The State has modified its programs so that you can get more money back when you buy or lease an EV or trade in your vehicle for other clean-mobility options. Learn more at

Utility, Federal, and Other Incentives

  • Instructions differ by program and utility. See the table under "Partner Offers" for the link to each program's details.

Utility Incentives

Utility Offer Details
Burlington Electric Department Up to $3,000 in rebates on electric vehicles. Up to $900 rebate on qualifying residential charger. Up to 75% off Level 2 workplace charging. Learn more
Green Mountain Power Up to $3,200 incentive for electric vehicles. Free Level 2 charging equipment, plus discounted off-peak rates with compatible charging equipment. Learn more
Stowe Electric Department Up to $1,250 incentive for electric vehicles. Learn more
Vermont Electric Coop Up to $750 bill credit on electric vehicles. Up to $250 bill credit for time-of-use charging. Learn more
Municipalities served by VPPSA Up to $1,400 in rebates for electric vehicles. Free charger for residential customers, plus $500 rebate upon connection to program. $500 incentive for public/workplace EV charging installations. Learn more
Washington Electric Co-op $250-$1,200 for electric vehicles, plus an income-eligible incentive. Level 2 charging equipment available at no cost through Powershift program and $500 rebate upon connection. Member responsible for installation costs, including potential electric service upgrade costs. Learn more

State, Federal, and Other Incentives

Partner Offer Details
State of Vermont: New Electric Vehicles Up to $5,000 incentive Learn more
State of Vermont: Replace Your Ride Up to $5,000 incentive when you trade in an eligible gas-powered car. Incentive can be used for a new plug-in electric vehicle or a prepaid card to use for clean mobility alternatives. You may also trade in your gas-powered car for a qualifying used vehicle, in combination with the MileageSmart Used High-Efficiency Vehicle Incentive Program. Learn more
State of Vermont: Electrify Your Fleet Program Up to $2,500 available in grants for the purchase or lease of EVs. Applicants may receive up to 20 grants each. Learn more
Federal Incentives Up to $7,500 incentive Learn more
Automakers and Dealers Offers vary by automaker and dealership. Visit automaker and dealership websites for details.