Washing Machines

If you’re in the market for a new washer, consider an ENERGY STAR certified model. These machines are significantly more efficient than standard models, saving you money on both electricity and water. They can also save you time, since their spin cycle removes more water, letting your dryer do its job faster and more efficiently. Look for our Smart Choice label when you shop—it indicates models Efficiency Vermont has picked as “best of the best” for efficiency and quality. Before you buy, research ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient washing machines for models that lead the way in energy efficiency.

  • Save up to $50 per year on electricity and hot water
  • Gentler on clothes, so they look better and last longer
  • ENERGY STAR washers spin out more water, shortening drying time

Electric Dryers

ENERGY STAR began certifying dryers in 2015, so this represents a brand-new opportunity to save. When shopping for a dryer, there are good reasons to choose ENERGY STAR. These machines use 20% less energy and provide the same results or better. Advanced moisture sensors prevent over-drying of clothes and ensure they won’t be damp. And if you’re ready to go a step further in efficiency, consider an electric hybrid or heat pump dryer.

  • Save $30 or more in energy every year with an ENERGY STAR electric dryer
  • 20% more efficient than standard electric dryer models
  • Advanced moisture sensors avoid over- and under-drying clothes

Heat Pump Dryers

Heat pumps are a highly adaptable technology found in many applications. Hybrid heat pump dryers toggle between electric and heat pump modes. As a result, they’re up to 40% more efficient than standard models. New heat pump dryers save even more than hybrid dryers because they don’t use an electric heating element to dry your clothes. Advanced moisture sensors and lower drying temperatures are gentler on your clothes, but those lower temperatures mean longer drying cycles. Heat pump dryers require a condensate drain, which can typically be routed through your existing washer drain with no modifications.

  • Up to 40% more efficient than standard electric dryer models
  • Super-gentle heat lets you dry delicates you wouldn’t otherwise put in a machine
  • Ventless models allow for flexibility of placement and installation