New cutting-edge appliance now available in Vermont

Essex Junction, VT

Efficiency Vermont and Burlington Electric Department (BED) celebrated the arrival of an innovative new technology to Vermont today at the family-owned Bouchard-Pierce store in Essex Junction. A winner of the 2014 ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award, heat pump clothes dryers combine the cutting edge efficiency of heat pump technology with one of the highest energy-using appliances in the home.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), clothes dryers use more energy than any other large appliance in the home. From 2006 to 2010 an average of 9,538 dryers were sold annually in Vermont, of which, 87% were estimated to be electric. This year the first-ever ENERGY STAR labeled clothes dryers are hitting retail floors, including several heat pump dryers, which use approximately 40 percent less energy than a regular electric dryer.

“The arrival of this innovative new technology to Vermont really demonstrates why our state is a national front runner when it comes to energy efficiency,” said Liz Gamache, Director of Efficiency Vermont. “When dryer manufacturers were considering bringing heat pump dryers to the US, Efficiency Vermont was at the table, encouraging them to bring it to market in our state.  We are thrilled Vermonters are now getting an early opportunity to experience cutting-edge technology – and that we can help them do so at a significantly reduced cost.”

“When customers save energy, they save money in their electric bills,” said Neale Lunderville, General Manager of BED. “Energy efficiency continues to be the best energy value available. Technology like heat pump dryers will help Burlington to continue its trend of using less energy today than it did in 1989 when BED efficiency programs began.”      

Bouchard-Pierce in Essex Junction, VT was the first store in Vermont to display a heat pump dryer. “We were eager to get this state of the art appliance in the store for customers,” said Lee Owen, Bouchard-Pierce General Manager. “This is a top of the line product that is going to save them money on their electric bills and provide better care for their clothes.”

Unlike traditional dryers that pull room-temperature air in, heat it up, and vent it outside, heat pump dryers save energy by using a closed system to dry and recycle hot air before returning it to the drum. Heat pump dryers also use lower temperatures and advanced moisture sensors to prevent over drying and damage to clothes.

Efficiency Vermont and BED are the first utilities in the country to offer an incentive on this new technology. A $400 rebate is available on all ENERGY STAR 2014 Emerging Technology Award winning electric dryers. Among these winners are the Whirlpool® HybridCare™, LG® EcoHybrid™, and Kenmore® Advanced Hybrid Dry models. The LG model was the first heat pump dryer to be displayed in a Vermont retail store when it arrived at Bouchard-Pierce in Essex Junction, VT; it is now also available at Bouchard-Pierce in Berlin, VT. Total Home Center in St. Albans, VT, Cocoplum Appliances in Essex Junction, VT and Brattleboro, VT, and Brook Valley Appliance in Manchester Center, VT currently have the Whirlpool heat pump dryer on display.

Efficiency Vermont is working closely with retail partners across the state to make these dryers more widely available. Heat pump dryers are more expensive than traditional electric clothes dryers (MSRP $1,599 to $1,899); however with special sales in store, the $400 rebate, and the significant energy savings, they are a competitive product and a smart investment. Some Vermonters have already taken advantage of the rebate – and the switch from a traditional electric dryer to a heat pump dryer is expected to save them $600 over the life of the appliance.

Samuel Atwood of West Dover, VT purchased a heat pump dryer and was one of the first to take advantage of Efficiency Vermont’s rebate. “I chose the heat pump dryer because it is super-efficient and will significantly reduce my energy consumption. The cost of a similar electric dryer, after the rebate, was nearly identical, so I’m already pocketing the energy savings,” said Atwood. “It was also easy to install and is a great quality product.”

To learn more about Efficiency Vermont’s rebates on energy efficient clothes dryers and to find a participating retailer, visit BED customers can visit to learn more about BED’s energy efficiency services.


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