Incentives Offered to Vermonters for Weatherization

Source: ABC Channel 22

BURLINGTON, Vt. - Vermonters who currently make less than 120-percent of the median income are, as of Thursday, eligible for a 'bonus' incentive for home weatherization.

Governor Phil Scott (R-Vt.) made the announcement along with CEO Don Rendall for Vermont Gas, Darren Springer general manager for Burlington Electic, and Rebecca Foster director for Efficiency Vermont.

They are Vermont's three energy efficiency utilities (EEUs).

"This additional incentive will bolster our collective efforts to allow all Vermonters to make home improvements that save money and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Governor Scott.

According to EEUs' efficiency program, they have weatherized more than 10,000 homes across the state. With this incentive, they are hopeful that the number will continue to rise, especially among low and moderate-income families.

With the addition of the 'bonus' incentive, total incentives could reach $2500.

"Achieving 20-percent energy savings in your home will receive a $2,000 incentive, plus, this $500 (if you are qualifying based on your income)," said Rebecca Foster, Efficiency Vermont Director.

Foster explains the majority of the funding for this incentive is coming from the fee you pay on your utility bill.

"Most of the funding is from the electric efficiency charge," said Foster.

"We are also funding the incentive through other regional efforts that reduce greenhouse gases," she said.

Sally Ross of Burlington opened up her home for Thursday's announcement, she will soon undergo weatherization of her home.

Her home, in the city's south end, was built in the 1920s. What we couldn't see is a hidden issue behind the drywall, only visible to the thermal camera.

"The insulation has basically fallen down," said Sally Ross.

In order to 'button up' her home, making it more efficient, Sally Ross will get new insulation installed.

Sally Ross is a Vermont Gas customer.

"One thing that I really appreciate? They will find a contractor for me," said Sally Ross.

Whether or not you are a customer of Vermont Gas, you can contact Efficiency Vermont for an energy audit.

That is your first step, have a local utility company come out to your home, and perform an energy audit.

"Weatherization is a win-win-win scenario for Vermont families. It helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, allows families to save money, and makes homes more comfortable," said Governor Scott.

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