Easier and greener: How to electrify your lawn care routine

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Cut down on emissions, noise, and difficulty with electric lawn care options. Small changes in your choices in lawn equipment can make a big difference. Electric lawn equipment is quieter, more convenient, and greener than gas-powered versions. Eliminating fumes from gas-powered equipment improves air quality for you and your entire community. Even better, your electric utility may have rebates for residents and businesses to help support the upfront costs of new tools. Get started with this guide. 

When and why to switch to electric lawn care

If you’re in the market for new equipment, consider going electric. Whether you’re replacing aging equipment or looking for the right tool for a new project, corded or cordless electric options can help save money and hassle. Benefits of electric lawn equipment include:

  • Quieter: Electric motors are quieter than gas equipment. You might be able to ditch the earmuffs and save yourself from potential long-term hearing damage.
  • Convenient: Forget running to the gas station to fill up your mower. No more delaying yard work because the trimmer is out of gas. Battery-operated lawn equipment can charge when not in use so it’s ready for you when you’re ready to go.
  • Cheaper: Electricity prices are lower and more stable than gasoline prices. Plug in your lawn equipment and save all summer long. Electric mowers may also benefit from lower maintenance costs thanks to not having a gas engine or the same number of moving parts.
  • Cleaner: Fumes from gas-powered lawn equipment can contribute to asthma and other health issues. Save yourself the literal headache and step behind zero-emissions equipment instead.
  • Greener: Electric lawn equipment isn’t just better for your family’s health. Burning gas contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Going electric avoids much of those emissions. That makes it better for the health of your family, your community, and the world.
Electric lawn care equipment

Where should you begin your electric lawn care journey? You can start small with a single item. Or you can transform your lawn care routine with electric versions of the equipment you use every year. Learn more about what’s available below.

You can find both corded and cordless electric lawn care equipment. If you have a small lawn, corded might be just right. The machine will plug into a normal household outlet. That means no batteries to charge and no gas cans to fill. If you have a larger yard, consider battery powered outdoor equipment. Most equipment runs off the same batteries and chargers as other cordless power tools. When the battery runs out, it can be charged in a universal charger – possibly the same one you already have for your cordless drill or driver. Then you can swap in a spare battery to your machine and keep working while the first one charges.

Electric lawn mowers

Electric mowers, like gas mowers, come in push, self-propelled, and ride-on options. Whatever your style of mower, you can find an electric version.

Electric leaf blowers

Nothing beats the scent of fall: apples and cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and freshly fallen leaves. Why pollute it with fumes from your leaf blower as you’re trying to clean up the yard? Electric leaf blowers allow you to skip the fumes and get more out of your fall. You can even choose between a handheld or backpack to meet your leaf-blowing needs.

Electric chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are available in hand or pole options. The electric motors are quick to respond, making it safer to use – and less hassle to start and stop. Consider an electric chainsaw next time you need to replace or buy new equipment.

Electric trimmers

Tackle hard-to-mow areas with an electric trimmer. In addition to reduced fumes and noise, electric trimmers also tend to be lighter than gas options. Give your arms a much-needed break after a long day of yard work.

Rebates for electric lawn care in Vermont

Many Vermont utilities have rebates available to offset the upfront cost of corded or cordless lawn care equipment. Check with your utility for their current offerings and to apply.

Find electric lawn care rebates in Vermont.