Set the Scene

Put the art in smart home technology, with lighting that creates instant ambiance. Smart bulbs can use sensors to simulate natural light. Or connect bulbs with other smart devices to set voice-activated “scenes” that wake you up with a fresh pot of coffee, or pair music and colors for a party vibe.

  • Change warmth, intensity, and in some cases, the color of your lights
  • Program lights to turn on and off at specific times of day
  • Pair with other smart devices to set scenes for specific situations

How it Works

Smart bulbs, fixtures, and switches are embedded with a wireless chip that allows you to control usage through your phone, speaker, or other smart device. Smart lighting lets you set timers, scenes, schedules, and routines that match the needs of your household, or even individual occupants.

  • Smart bulbs can replace any standard screw-in base bulb
  • Embedded wireless chips enable communication with an app on your phone
  • Sync with other smart devices for voice-activated operation and greater control

Smart Switches & Controls

Smart switches offer greater versatility than smart lights, because of their ability to operate both standard and smart bulbs. They’re also much less expensive, particularly when you consider the cost of lighting an entire room. Smart switches can replace standard wall switches, but most require a neutral wire. Before you purchase, check switch specifications and have a contractor confirm your home’s wiring setup.

  • Operate standard bulbs with smart technology
  • Save on the cost of lighting large rooms, or multiple rooms
  • Unlike smart bulbs, switches can’t change a bulb’s color or allow different dimming levels on multiple bulbs
  • Check to ensure compatibility with existing light bulbs and your home’s electrical wiring

Home Security

Smart lights are an inexpensive way to improve your home’s security. Use motion sensors to turn on lights when someone’s at the door, or control lights remotely while you’re away from home. For those with home security systems, smart lighting can enhance safety features by turning on lights in response to specific actions, such as the doorbell ringing. Some smart bulbs include infrared modes for use with security cameras.

  • Smart lights are a simple, inexpensive way to increase the security of your home
  • Turn on lights before you get to your front door, or while you’re away from home
  • Look for bulbs with built-in motion and daylight sensors
  • For integration with security cameras, look for bulbs with infrared capability

Energy Savings

When used appropriately, smart bulbs and lamps can significantly reduce your energy use. High use areas such as kitchens and living rooms offer the greatest opportunity for savings. Use your lighting’s sensor or geofencing features to turn lights on automatically when you get home, or off when you leave a room. Pair with smart thermostats and other devices to set away modes while you’re on vacation. And, of course, look for ENERGY STAR models to ensure that you’re purchasing the most efficient models.

  • Reduce usage by 7–27% depending on lamp location
  • High use areas such as kitchens offer the greatest energy savings potential
  • Enable geofencing and sensor features, and look for ENERGY STAR models