Healthy Homes Vermont 2020

Many Vermonters in low-income households are at a greater risk of health problems than are high-income households. This is due, in part, to the condition of the buildings in which they live. Both the health care and energy sectors agree that improving housing conditions is a high priority. They also have historical and ongoing support for the rationale from the social services sector. After demonstrating a successful partnership among those three sectors in 2018, Efficiency Vermont expanded its energy-plus-health collaboration in 2019 and 2020 to involve more locations, more partners, and specific health conditions. Collectively the partners are testing innovative energy-plus-health collaboration pilots and whether these models may be scaled to a cost-effective component of energy efficiency programs statewide. This report addresses the progress achieved in 2020. Healthy Homes Vermont 2018 and Healthy Homes Vermont 2019 offer historical background on the development of the energy-plus-health program at Efficiency Vermont.

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