Third party affirms that Efficiency Vermont is delivering significant savings to Vermonters

Each year, a third party verifier assesses and confirms the level of savings that Efficiency Vermont reports to the state of Vermont. As a public utility, Efficiency Vermont is held accountable for delivering these savings through performance-based metrics. If we don't reach our metrics, we don't get compensated. In previous years, Efficiency Vermont has received high marks from third party verifiers for our work in delivering these savings directly to our customers. 

This year was no different. In a newly released report, a third party verifier retained by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) reported that Efficiency Vermont's work in 2016 resulted in energy savings of over 111,451 MWh and 74,249 mmbtu. These savings cut Vermonters yearly energy costs by $17.9 million and add up to $75,100,000 in net lifetime value of the efficiency investments made. The report found that Efficiency Vermont's "savings verification" results are stellar - ranking among the top efficiency programs in the country. 

"These findings confirm what we already knew: that Efficiency Vermont is not only delivering consistent savings to Vermonters, we're also among the top efficiency programs in the United States," said Efficiency Vermont Director Karen Glitman. "We're incredibly proud of our work and look forward to continuing to deliver value to Vermonters in the years ahead." 

About Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont was created by the Vermont Legislature and is regulated by the Vermont Public Utility Commission to help all Vermonters reduce energy costs, strengthen the economy, and protect Vermont's environment. For more information, contact Efficiency Vermont at 888-921-5990 or visit

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