Study to examine expanding role of Efficiency Vermont

Source: WCAX Channel 3

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont's first-of-its-kind statewide energy-efficiency utility may be getting a makeover.

Efficiency Vermont was started in 2000 and has focused on cutting electricity usage through things like switching light bulbs and buttoning up homes. Lawmakers last session told the Public Utility Commission to investigate how the nonprofit can have a broader focus that might include efficiency across all areas of life -- from transportation to home heating and more.

"If this all moves forward, I envision that in the future Efficiency Vermont is doing things like support electric vehicles, or work with grocery or convenience stores to reduce their refrigerant leaks," said Rebecca Foster, the nonprofit's director.

Currently, Vermonters pay for the Efficiency Vermont's programs with a surcharge on their electric bill each month. One thing the study is also going to look at is how that fee might change if the organization were to expand. We're expecting a report to the legislature from that study next year.

Galen Ettlin spoke with Foster about other ways they are hoping to widen their mission.

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