Poll: Building professionals look forward to profitable 2019

Burlington, VT

Building trades professionals responding to a live poll at this week’s Better Buildings by Design conference expressed optimism for the financial well-being of their industry, with 93% saying they thought their companies would be at least as profitable in 2019 as they were in 2018.


Efficiency Vermont conducted the poll this week during the opening session of its Better Buildings by Design conference, held annually to provide nearly 1,000 participants from the building trades sector an opportunity to sharpen their skills, expand their knowledge, and strengthen their networks. A total of 175 conference participants texted their responses to the poll questions and the results were displayed in real-time on a projector screen.


“The respondents’ optimism reflects a vitality in an industry that’s important to Vermonters who rely on these building professionals to make their homes and businesses more efficient, more affordable, and more comfortable,” said Efficiency Vermont Director Rebecca Foster. “The poll is one of many ways Efficiency Vermont listens to our partners to gain insight into how we might better support them and the Vermonters we serve together.”  


The respondents were asked to identify which of six professions they belonged to, with the following results:

  • Contractor – 43%
  • Design professional – 32%
  • Government agency/NGO – 13%
  • Facility/sustainability manager – 6%
  • Equipment distributor/supplier – 3%
  • Manufacturer – 3%


Asked how they feel about their company’s financial outlook in 2019:

  • 66% of respondents said they expected profits to increase
  • 27% expected profits to remain flat
  • 7% predicted profits will decline


Asked what would best support their company’s growth and financial stability, respondents said:

  • Increased consumer demand – 46%
  • More available, well-trained workforce – 41%
  • Fewer regulatory/permitting hurdles – 8%
  • Lower taxes and fees – 5%


The largest proportion of respondents – 47% – identified technical consultation and support from Efficiency Vermont as the most valuable aspect of their partnership with the statewide energy efficiency utility, followed by incentives at 35%. Marketing support and customer lead generation were most valuable to 18% of the respondents.


Respondents also texted answers to the question, “What one word best reflects your motivation for the work you do?” The results were used to generate this world cloud, which is dominated by concepts of climate change and the environment, as well as money and profitability.


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