Orleans County Celebrates Cost-saving Energy Efficiency Projects

Jan. 16, 2018 – Newport, VT – Orleans County officials, Efficiency Vermont staff, and local contractors gathered at the Orleans County Courthouse Monday to celebrate energy efficiency improvements that will save county property taxpayers an estimated $8,500 a year in energy costs incurred in the operation of the two buildings.

The group toured the Orleans County Courthouse to highlight substantial energy efficiency improvements throughout the building, including:

  • Spray foam insulation to seal the old stone foundation
  • Heat pump water heater
  • Boiler room hot water pipe insulation
  • LED bulb replacement
  • Heat pump heating and air conditioning
  • LED lighting upgrades (interior and exterior)
  • Motion-sensing light switches

Efficiency Vermont estimates that the annual energy use will be reduced by 57 percent at the Courthouse, and 59 percent at the Sheriff’s Department.

“Our ability to reduce the cost of operating these buildings for taxpayers was a big motivating factor for doing this project, but the benefits we’re discovering go even farther than our budget,” said Mary Ann Fletcher, County Treasurer. “The Courthouse has been noticeably warmer and more comfortable during the recent cold snap, motion-detecting light switches have made it easier to close the building at the end of the day without having to walk down dark hallways, and the humidifier that used to run almost constantly in the basement to keep moisture levels down has not kicked on at all since the improvements were made.”

Efficiency Vermont Director Karen Glitman explained that the improvements at the Courthouse and Sheriff’s Department are part of a larger effort to increase awareness and customer engagement in the Newport area in general. Throughout 2018, Efficiency Vermont will increase its presence in Newport, seeking to work with more businesses, multifamily housing unit owners, and residents to help the community save money and increase comfort.

“Newport has one of the highest energy burdens in Vermont, where customers spend a disproportionately high amount of their income on energy costs,” said Glitman. “By working with the County to improve the energy efficiency of these public buildings, we hope to make the value of energy efficiency more tangible for the community and inspire more people and businesses to work with us.”

All of the work at the two County buildings was performed by Vermont-based contractors, including:

  • Fred’s Energy of Vermont (Derby)
  • Gates Electric (Newport)
  • Nadeau’s Plumbing & Heating (Newport)
  • NETO (Newport)
  • New England Foam & Coating (St. Johnsbury)

About Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont was created by the Vermont Legislature and is regulated by the Vermont Public Utility Commission to help all Vermonters reduce energy costs, strengthen the economy, and protect Vermont's environment. For more information, contact Efficiency Vermont at 888-921-5990 or visit www.efficiencyvermont.com.

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