New partnership aims to make home energy efficiency easy

Shelburne, VT

Update: This press release was developed in 2013 to announce the launch of the Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN). The EEN has since expanded beyond its initial partnership with the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association and now serves as the premiere way that Efficiency Vermont engages and supports a wide range of contractor types across many trade groups. For more information about the EEN visit 

Fuel dealers and energy efficiency contractors are working together to help Vermonters save money.

The Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) is a new partnership between Efficiency Vermont and the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association (VFDA). The EEN is designed to make it easier for Vermonters to reduce consumption of heating oil and propane.

Deputy Public Service Commissioner Darren Springer joined representatives of both organizations at a home in Shelburne today, along with fuel dealers and energy efficiency contractors, to mark the official launch of the groundbreaking partnership. So far, nearly a dozen fuel dealers across Vermont have signed on to participate in the EEN.

“The Department appreciates and supports this innovative partnership between fuel dealers and Efficiency Vermont, which recognizes the value of energy efficiency for fuel dealers and their customers,” said Deputy Commissioner Springer. “Energy efficiency investments save consumers money on their fuel bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and keep Vermont dollars in the local economy. We will look to build on this effort in order to reach Vermont’s statutory goal of improving efficiency in 80,000 homes by 2020.”

“Fuel dealers have a longstanding relationship with their customers and can help identify opportunities to save,” said Matt Cota, Executive Director of VFDA. “The Efficiency Excellence Network provides the customer with a whole home approach, focusing on improving both the building shell and the heating equipment.”

“Over the years, the network of skilled energy efficiency contractors has grown a lot,” said Jim Merriam, Director of Efficiency Vermont. “With the launch of the Efficiency Excellence Network, we’re hoping to make the expertise and services of those contractors more accessible to homeowners through their fuel dealers. It’s a great way to provide clear options to those Vermonters who reach out to us when the weather turns cold and they are looking for ways to  reduce their energy bills.”

Even though EEN fuel dealers will end up selling less fuel, they will help their customers better afford their energy costs and improve the comfort of their homes. In this way, participating fuel dealers can strengthen their relationship with their customers and improve the position of their companies over the long term.

All EEN fuel dealers receive training in home efficiency, which will enable them to conduct home energy checkups and provide advice to customers looking for ways to reduce their heating bills. Additionally, full service fuel dealers collaborate with energy efficiency contractors, who are qualified to provide more in-depth guidance on energy usage, and complete comprehensive home energy projects. All comprehensive projects completed through these contractors and Efficiency Vermont’s programs will be eligible for incentives from Efficiency Vermont of up to $2,100.

To learn more about the Efficiency Excellence Network, and see a list of participating fuel dealers, visit

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