New energy efficiency incentives announced to help Vermonters

Source: Local 44 WFFF

COLCHESTER, Vt.– Energy leaders announced new incentives Friday in hopes to make it more affordable for Vermonters to heat and cool their homes.

“Half of the total project cost can be paid for right off the top
through Efficiency Vermont,” said Rebecca Foster, Director of Efficiency

Efficiency Vermont will provide up to $4,000 toward insulation and air
sealing projects. The incentives apply to mid-income households, which is about 60% of Vermont families. Foster said the high upfront costs of efficiency projects have stopped many from getting on board in the past.

“Cost has also been a barrier,” Foster said. “Our average project cost
is $8,000. Nearly every Vermonter would have a challenge coming up with

The program is possible because Efficiency Vermont had more than $2 million leftover in its 2018 budget. Governor Phil Scott then signed a bill allowing the extra money to be reinvested on home weatherization projects over the next 18 months. Lawmakers say this will broaden the state’s efforts to fight climate change.

“Our goal is to democratize fighting climate change so that it’s
actually something that’s available to people of all income levels,” said
Senate President Pro Tempore Tim Ashe.

The motive will also make a huge difference in decreasing greenhouse gas
emissions in the state. 1,000 homes currently undergo Efficiency Vermont’s
program each year. With the new incentives, Foster said the goal is to bring
that number to 3,000 homes by the end of 2020.

“This is something they should do to increase their comfort, to save on
their energy bills, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Foster said.
“We’re trying to make it as cheap and easy for them to do as possible.”

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the rebates, you can call (888)
921-5990 or visit 

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