Efficiency Vermont, Sunward Systems to launch new solar water heating initiative

Burlington, VT

Efficiency Vermont is partnering with Sunward Systems and Sunnovations to launch a new effort to help Vermonters install affordable solar water heating systems in their homes. The average U.S. household spends up to $600 per year on water heating costs. Solar water heating technology can reduce those costs by up to 80%. This pilot offering from Efficiency Vermont will reduce the upfront cost of solar water heating systems by $1,600, for systems installed before November 30th.

“Efficiency Vermont staff members are always looking for new ways to help Vermonters reduce their energy usage and costs,” said Jim Merriam, Director of Efficiency Vermont. “We are really excited to partner with a Vermont-based company to make it easier for our customers to install clean, renewable solar technology that will dramatically reduce their water heating costs.”

Manufactured by Canadian company Thermo Dynamics Ltd., the systems available through this pilot offering use rooftop or ground-mounted solar collectors to gather heat from the sun – a free energy source, and transmit it to hot water storage tanks inside the home. In addition to the $1,600 instant discount, participating customers will receive a free energy data monitoring package made by Sunnovations. The monitoring systems allows users to remotely track the energy usage of their water heating system in real time, receive alerts about pending maintenance issues, and calculate the dollar value of their energy savings as they accumulate over time.

“This pilot offering is a great opportunity to partner with Efficiency Vermont in bringing the benefits of solar hot water to more Vermont homeowners,” said Tom Hughes, CEO of Sunward Systems. “These systems are an excellent option for Vermonters who want to use clean, free, renewable energy rather than more expensive fuels.”

Matt Carlson, CEO of Sunnovations, highlighted the innovative features of the data monitoring system included in the solar water heater offer. “Sunnovations Ohm Monitoring System gives homeowners the information they need to take control of their solar hot water systems and ensure that they are delivering as much value as possible,” he said. “This limited time offer is a great deal – and a great opportunity for Vermonters to start reducing their energy costs from day one.”

Those interested in participating in this initiative should contact Sunward Systems toll-free at 1-877-803-2480 or visit www.gosunward.com to learn whether a solar water heating system is right for their home. Customers of Washington Electric Co-op and the Energy Co-op of Vermont may be able to take advantage of additional discounts and savings and should contact their co-op’s main office for more details.

Note: this partnership discount is available to all Vermonters who use an energy source other than natural gas for hot water heating.

About Efficiency Vermont

As the nation’s first Energy Efficiency Utility, Efficiency Vermont has helped Vermont avoid over 13.2 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence award for the last eight consecutive years. Efficiency Vermont works with partners to help our state transition to more affordable, low carbon energy use through education, incentives, and support for our clean energy workforce. Learn more at www.efficiencyvermont.com.

About Sunward

Sunward makes solar hot water simple.  Headquartered at 6221 Shelburne Road in Shelburne, Sunward is Vermont’s leading supplier of solar hot water equipment.  Its systems include Vermont-made components and are completely solar powered.  For more information visit www.gosunward.com.

About Sunnovations
The company’s mission is that “solar-powered hot water should be an obvious, affordable alternative for all American homes and businesses.” The Ohm system and all of the Sunnovations’ products are designed to further that mission by making solar water heating less expensive, easier to install and more reliable. http://ohm.sunnovations.com/

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