Shrink Your Bills, Grow Your Business

You could be spending less on electricity and heating fuel, and investing more money in your business. Now’s the time to invest in efficiency and slash your energy bills—next month, and every month after for years to come. We have rebates and incentives to help you do it. And as always, you get access to our expert, no-cost tech support too.

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Why act now?

  • Take advantage of incentives and rebates—for example, up to $250 cash back on outdoor LED fixtures
  • Slash your utility bills and use the savings to grow your business (many efficiency measures pay for themselves in under one year)
  • Cut maintenance costs associated with overworked systems and equipment
  • Stay cash-flow positive with financing that works for your business
  • Make customers and staff more comfortable—which can boost productivity and sales

Yes! I Want to Lower My Energy Bills

Act now! Current rebates valid until June 30, 2017

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