Saving $15,600
per year
“It was a tremendous waste of electricity to run the fans at a constant speed all day long, and a tremendous waste of propane to heat that replaced air in the winter.”
Will Coleman,
Property Operations
Business Story - 2013 - Woodstock, Windsor County 

The historic Woodstock Inn & Resort attracts visitors from all over the globe. It strives to make each guest comfortable while staying dedicated to its mission as a sustainable business.

In 2013, the inn realized that the ventilation system in its restaurant's commercial kitchen was a major contributor to its monthly energy costs. The fans ran from dawn until dusk, regardless of activity in the kitchen. The outdated system was pulling air out and pumping preheated air back into the kitchen through the make-up air unit.

With the help of Efficiency Vermont, the inn replaced its old single-speed hood fan with innovative, variable speed hood controls. The new system features sensors that signal the fans to ramp up or down in response to smoke, steam, or temperature levels. It also features variable frequency drives (VFDs) on the fans and the replacement air unit. The VFDs regulate the volume of air that moves through the space, which reduces the need to heat or cool replacement air. Through reductions in energy costs, the inn will recoup its investment in less than two years.

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