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Saving $192,470
per year
Saving 1,088,420
kWh per year
“We were hesitant to change our manufacturing process, but the data was compelling. I only wish we’d acted sooner!”
Tim Lybeck,
Operations Manager
Business Story - 2013 - Rutland, Rutland County 

Founded in Rutland, Vermont, in 1951, Carris Reels, Inc., manufactures industrial reels and spools across nine locations in North America. Its success is due in part to eliminating waste wherever it can. The company has partnered with Efficiency Vermont over the years to improve the efficiency of its facilities and operations. In 2012, when Carris Reels management decided to reduce plant overhead, the company turned to Efficiency Vermont for energy expertise.

Carris Reels uses a large amount of compressed air in its manufacturing process. Efficiency Vermont connected company leaders to a compressed air specialist who could assess their Vermont-based operations and perform two weeks of submetering at the facilities. The metering showed that compressors in two locations were too large. Air leaks were also discovered throughout the air distribution systems.

As a result of the assessment, the company installed new compressors, fixed the air leaks, and added variable frequency controls. These changes cut its compressed air energy use in half, without disruption. The Rutland locations are now saving about $50,000 per year, and the improvements earned back the investment in less than two years.

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