Saving $138,900
per year
Saving 1,400,000
kWh per year
“We chose to build energy efficiency into our operations. If other Vermont businesses are not working with Efficiency Vermont, they’re missing a huge opportunity”
Ben Johnson,
CFO & Co-Founder
Business Story - 2013 - Brattleboro , Windham County 

In 2009 Commonwealth Dairy, LLC built a state-of-the art production facility in Brattleboro. By basing operations in Southern Vermont they chose to capitalize on local dairy production. But they also found support for their sustainability goals from Efficiency Vermont. Commonwealth wanted to focus on producing high quality dairy products while having knowledge and control of energy costs.

Commonwealth continues to focus on efficiency. They worked with Efficiency Vermont to assess and adjust their compressed air system, saving $22,300 in energy costs. In 2013, Efficiency Vermont’s Energy Leadership Challenge recognized Commonwealth for reducing their energy consumption by 7.5 percent.

Their ongoing efficiency efforts have resulted in significant cash flow for Commonwealth. This has allowed them to expand their operations, distribute more yogurt, and hire more people.

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