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Meet Customer Support

Whether you call or submit an email, these are the people on the other end of the line. With many years of experience in energy efficiency, building science, customer service ,and communications, they are prepared to answer almost any question you might have—and can find the right people to fill in the rest.

We look forward to hearing from you.


"I love talking to customers and hearing their thoughts on the importance of energy efficiency and conservation; it’s the best part of my day."

Adam has been an avid student of energy efficiency since joining the team two years ago, and his coworkers say he’s the most thoughtful person on the team. His calm demeanor allows him to get to the bottom of even the most challenging calls.

Adam is always looking for ways to take the science and ideas behind energy efficiency and help people find ways to apply them to their everyday lives. He says that for every person that calls in there’s an energy saving solution just waiting for them.


"I believe energy efficiency is an important part of ensuring a clean and safe environment for future generations."

Bonnie is especially passionate about helping Vermont’s agricultural community. In 2011, she helped Vermont farmers save $21,000 in energy by providing timely answers to their questions and administrative support to our agricultural initiative.

Bonnie has been with us ten years, and reports that the wide range of callers and types of energy information they’re looking for keep her days varied and interesting.


"I like people, and I love building science. Learning and then explaining the science behind efficiency is my favorite part of the job."

Bridget has been with Efficiency Vermont four years. As Customer Support Staff Manager, she ensures that her team has the up-to-date training and skills necessary to provide our customers with the best support possible.

Bridget also specializes in business energy issues, and enjoys the moments when she’s able to help a customer identify an energy efficiency solution to a business challenge. Just recently, she was able help an industrial process plant cut a significant amount from their bills, by helping them identify multiple lighting and motor efficiency opportunities.


"I once did a calculation for a customer on the electricity costs for a heat lamp she used in caring for her pig."

A seasoned efficiency enthusiast, Kathleen has been with Efficiency Vermont for eleven years. She enjoys speaking with the wide variety of people who call customer support, and making sure they receive good customer service, no matter the question.

Whether you’re wondering about the electric costs associated with caring for livestock, or something more commonplace like how much you’ll save by replacing your old furnace or boiler, Kathleen is always happy to help.


"I love talking to people about energy. We’re all connected to it in our own, unique way."

One of the newest members of our team, Kristin has spent her first few months in trainings with resident energy efficiency experts, and consulting with veteran members of the team on her calls.

Formerly an English teacher in South Korea with an MFA in writing, Kristin brings with her a lifelong passion for communication, and says that being a customer support specialist at Efficiency Vermont is a natural fit.


"I’m thrilled to be working in a field I’m passionate about. It’s great to be helping people find answers to their energy questions."

The daughter of an electrician, Erin grew up learning about energy and how we use it, and knew she one day wanted to go into some sort of building or energy discipline. She studied Environmental Science and architecture at UVM, and sees her role at Efficiency Vermont as the perfect way for her to combine her interests and skills.

Erin joined us in August of 2012, and says she couldn’t be happier. Her loves of problem solving and energy science have made her a valuable addition to our team.