Winter 2022 Program Changes & Reminders

Efficiency Vermont Program Updates & Reminders:

Better Buildings by Design 2022

Register today for the Better Buildings by Design (BBD) conference happening on February 2nd and 3rd in South Burlington, Vermont. One full day of BBD attendance gives you 8 continuing education credits, and access to BPI and AIA credit approved sessions.

EEN members are entitled to a conference discount for up to two members of your company and can attend either:

  • A single day of BBD at no out-of-pocket costs
  • Full BBD conference with $90 registration fee

Contact [email protected] for more details.

EEN Member CEUs

Members must complete at least one project with Efficiency Vermont and earn eight credits in energy efficiency education, every year.

There are many opportunities to earn EEN credits, including upcoming live trainings as well as pre-recorded trainings that are available online at any time.

Please be sure to submit your energy efficiency education credits to Efficiency Vermont.

Efficiency Vermont Residential New Construction Program

Beginning January 1, 2022, the redesigned single family RNC program will be available to builders and developers who enroll in the Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) RNC Trade Ally group. There will be two membership levels (requirements apply):

  • Efficiency Vermont Residential Construction Professional
  • Efficiency Vermont Certified Builder

Members will have direct access to EVT Energy Consultants for technical and design assistance and two measure level financial incentives for installing Balanced Ventilation ($500) and Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems ($400/unit) in their new homes.

Efficiency Vermont Home Certification

For builders and developers at the EVT Certified Builder EEN membership level, homes meeting the new Net Zero Ready Design specification will be eligible for certification by EVT. A HERS rating, provided by an independent energy rater, is required to show compliance. Two rebates will be available to help offset the cost of certification: HERS Rater Incentive ($750) and homes that meet the existing all-electric specifications ($500).

For more information, contact the RNC Program Manager Tim Yandow at [email protected] or call 802-540-7857.

From our partners:

Burlington Electric Department (BED)

BED Business Loans

BED is offering 0% interest loans (no money down) for business customers that is repaid on the monthly electric bill.

  • Loan funds can be used to make cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades and can also be used to help the business community recover from the pandemic and prepare for future events
  • Projects can include improvements such as: 
    • Building Ventilation - To reopen safely, many businesses will need to comply with COVID-19 local/state public health guidelines as well as ASHRAE ventilation standards (62.1 and 62.2).
    • Critical Equipment Failure Replacement - Funds to replace, or repair, a key piece of equipment should it fail or be near the end of its usable life, which may impact the ability to stay open or to be as productive or profitable
    • Building Facade Alterations - Includes installing a take-out service window in an existing door, non-operable window space or other area.
  • Learn more at:
  • Please send any questions to: [email protected]

BED Cold Climate Heat Pump Rebates

BED is pleased to announce that all current cold climate heat pump rebates will remain in place for 2022.

BED & VGS continued weatherization partnership in 2022

  • As heat pumps become more common in Burlington, many buildings will be hybrid space heaters (partial electric heat pump and partial natural gas).  BED and VGS recognize that many of these buildings would benefit greatly from professional weatherization upgrades. 
  • BED and VGS have developed a streamlined process to split the customer rebate.
  • Customers will receive the same total rebate amount (based on VGS’s current rebate levels) but may get a check from BED and one from VGS.
  • Please send any questions to: [email protected]


Beginning January 1, 2022, customers of many municipal electric utilities can take advantage of the statewide ground source heat pump incentive. Learn more here:

VPPSA will continue to offer a $200 Heat Pump + Weatherization Rebate to customers who install a heat pump in a weatherized building. To qualify, the customer must have completed an eligible weatherization project. Learn more about eligibility here:


VEC’s 2022 incentive offerings include the following:

  • Heat pumps: For ductless, ducted, air-to-water, and ground source heat pumps as well as heat pump water heaters, a joint incentive is available through Efficiency Vermont; a $150 bonus per outdoor unit
  • Pellet stoves: For qualifying pellet stoves, a bill credit of $150.
  • Thermal efficiency bonus: For a heating system installed in a thermally efficient building, applies to any heat pump system (one bonus per outdoor unit) or pellet stove, a bill credit of $150.
  • Electric Vehicles: For plug-in electric vehicles, a bill credit of $250 for purchases (new or used) and $50/year for leases; for all-electric vehicles, a bill credit of $500 for purchases (new or used) and $100/year for leases.
  • Electric vehicle charging equipment: For home Level II chargers, $250 (with additional $50 incentive if members allow VEC to communicate with the charger); and for publicly available charging stations, $500 per connection.
  • Other machinery: For residential lawn mowers, $50; and for commercial-scale mowers and electric forklifts, $1,000.
  • Custom opportunities: VEC's Clean Air Program (CAP) can help replace fossil fuel usage, and reduce carbon emissions, through electric service upgrades or line-extensions. Each project is customized to meet the needs of the member and the co-op. Contact VEC if you think you might have a suitable project for the CAP program.

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