New Summer 2020 Residential Offers

Weatherization Offers

Starting July 1st and available until December 31st (available on a first come, first service basis, until funds run out), Vermonters who qualify as moderate income (below 120% of median household income) can work with an Efficiency Excellence Network contractor to weatherize their home, including sealing air leaks and insulating their basements and attics. The new incentive will cover 75% of the project cost, up to $5,500.

Qualifying Vermonters can also participate in the Home Energy Loan payment coverage to further reduce the out of pocket expense for completing a weatherization project. Higher-income customers will receive incentives of 50% off their project cost, up to $2,000, and below market-rate financing.

Household Income Limits by County

People in Household Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle Counties Addison County Washington County Windsor County Other VT Counties
1 $77,000 $67,800 $67,600 $66,800 $66,400
2 $88,000 $77,600 $77,200 $76,200 $75,800
3 $99,000 $87,200 $86,880 $86,880 $85,400
4 $110,000 $104,800 $104,800 $104,800 $94,800
5 $122,720 $122,720 $122,720 $122,720 $102,400

Financing Offers

Through the recently enhanced Home Energy Loan program, Efficiency Vermont will also cover the first six months of payments for customers (or up to $900), for loans that close by 10/31.

That means many Vermonters can now complete a comprehensive weatherization project for around $40 a month, with the first six months of payments paid by Efficiency Vermont.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps (CCHP) Incentives

Efficiency Vermont will be reducing our point of sale discount on cold climate heat pumps by $150 for purchases made on or after August 1st. However, in combination with recently increased incentives from electric utilities, customers will see a net increase in incentives. A listing of utility rebates can be found in the “Additional Offers” section on the CCHP rebate page.

Additionally, when customers use Efficiency Vermont’s Home Energy Loan to pay for their CCHP, we will make the first six months of payments for them (up to $900).

New CCHP offer details:

  • Effective August 1, 2020
  • The current rebate offer will decrease by $150 per eligible unit:
    • For ≤2 tons, the rebate will drop from $350 to $200 per eligible unit
    • For >2 tons, the rebate will drop from $450 to $300 per eligible unit
  • This reduction will not impact any other related offers such as the middle-income bonus, Home Energy Loan and other applicable partner utility rebate offers.
  • Use Home Energy Loan to pay for project and the first six months of payments are waived (up to $900). Customers using the Business Energy Loan can defer payments for up to four months.
  • Note that backorders will not be accepted.

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