New Summer 2020 Business Offers


Up to $50,000 financing at 3.5-5.5% with the Business Energy Loan, including up to 4 months of deferred payments.

Agricultural Offers*

New offers for dairy farms include:

  • Up to 25% of costs covered on high efficiency cooling systems that increase your milk check and heat recovery units that reduce energy costs
  • Up to 50% of costs covered on Vent fans and VFDs to improve herd comfort and health, keep the barn more comfortable, and reduce energy costs
  • Additional custom incentives are available to save money on water cisterns, misting systems, and other VFDs

New and expanded incentives for controlled-environment agriculture, including indoor growing and greenhouses. The payback for these projects can vary based on individual operations, but we can work with farmers to identify the most economic solutions. Combining more than one offer may result in bonus incentives.

  • Air sealing, insulation, and thermal curtains to keep the heat in heated spaces.
  • Controls for lighting, venting, and heating of lit and/or heated greenhouse or indoor growing environment.

* These agricultural offers are subject to change based upon available funding.

Other Commercial Offers

For Schools, College & Universities, Efficiency Vermont is offering free technical support and up to $4,000 back on controls and automated setbacks to reduce operating costs while students are absent.

For Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens, Efficiency Vermont is offering new incentives that to support the purchase of new, efficient equipment to reduce operating expenses.

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