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AN IMPORTANT UPDATE on Cold Climate Heat Pump and Heat Pump Water Heater Rebates

As our supply chain partners work through a period of high uncertainty related to the coronavirus pandemic, Efficiency Vermont has decided to delay two key incentive reductions that were originally to have gone into effect on April 1st. We will use this time to form a clearer understanding of the longer-term economic outlook, changing customer and partner needs, and how our programs can best be tailored to help Vermont recover from this crisis.

The following are the incentive categories that were going to change on April 1st, 2020 but will now remain the same:

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

  • Incentive for up to and including two tons: Rebate will remain at $350.
  • Incentive for greater than two tons: Rebate will remain at $450.

Please note that a number of partner offers will also remain. These include:

    • Green Mountain Power: $500 discount and post-purchase rebate
    • Burlington Electric Department: $750–$1,000 post-purchase rebate
    • Vermont Electric Co-op: $300 bill credit
    • Washington Electric Co-op: $250 direct payment
    • Stowe Electric Department: $575 post-purchase rebate
    • Municipalities served by Vermont Public Power Supply Authority: $300 post-purchase rebate

CCHP Rebates

Heat Pump Water Heaters

      • NEEA Tiers I and II: Rebate will remain at $300.
      • NEEA Tier III: Rebate will remain at $600.

HPWH Rebates

Centrally Ducted Heat Pump Eligibility

As a reminder, eligibility for centrally ducted heat pump equipment is now based exclusively on the outdoor unit model number. (Note this change applies only to centrally ducted equipment. Ductless mini-split equipment eligibility remains the same. See qualified product list here.)

New NEEP Lists for Heat Pumps

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) has developed two presorted links to cold climate heat pumps to separate centrally ducted heat pumps from other air source heat pumps. Please use the following links going forward:

Centrally Ducted Heat Pumps

Other Air Source Heat Pumps

Efficiency Vermont offers a downstream rebate for centrally ducted heat pumps and an instant rebate for other air source heat pumps.

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