EEN HVAC Trade Group Updates

The EEN is revising its training and certification requirements for participating in the air-to-water heat pump (AtWHP) and centrally ducted heat pump (CDHP) technologies. Note that any licensure and/or EPA 608 requirements remain unchanged.

Because some AtWHP manufacturers are able to certify installers directly, the EEN is removing the training requirement. Trainings will still be available, however, and EEN members will still need to confirm their certification in the technology.

Additionally, CDHP installers may enroll in the technology by certifying that they have done one of the following:

  1. Installed a minimum of 5 CDHPs, or
  2. Attended a CDHP manufacturer training

Contact us to learn more about the training and certification changes, or to enroll in either of these technologies.

Rebate Availability

Note: As of January 1, 2020, the AtWHP and CDHP rebates will be available only through EEN members participating in these technologies.

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