COVID-19 Update:

To protect the health of our staff and our customers, Efficiency Vermont offices are closed to the public. In the meantime, our customer support team is available to help you remotely. Contact us at (888) 921-5990 or

We have cautiously begun scheduling project related site visits when required. You can find more information on our safety protocols here.

Call for Presentations

Efficiency Vermont is excited to announce the 2022 Better Buildings by Design Conference and Call for Presentations.

The conference theme is Pathways to Decarbonization.

To have a session considered for the 2022 conference submit your proposal by May 16, 2021.

Diverse session formats are welcomed including individual presentations, panel discussions, and workshops. Preference will be given to sessions that showcase actionable decarbonization strategies rooted in energy efficiency for homes, workplaces or communities. Incorporating the following elements will strengthen your session proposal:

  • Equity and justice for BIPOC, low-income and underserved communities
  • Case studies from Vermont, or northern New England region, that provide detailed strategies, costs, data/results and lessons learned
  • Affordable high-performance housing – how to balance performance with costs
  • Retrofitting existing homes and workplaces with historic preservation status – costs, materials, details, tradeoffs
  • Indoor air quality project aspects
  • Emerging technologies in:
    • smart homes and buildings
    • lighting strategies
    • electrification, including transportation
    • biophilic and regenerative design
    • building-supported wellness (healthy buildings)
    • air sealing, insulation and HVAC
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machines in construction
    • Resilience
  • Scaling energy efficiency and decarbonization
  • Highly advanced and technical sessions

Many Better Buildings by Design attendees seek continuing education through conference attendance. Sessions meeting the Health, Safety and Welfare criteria from AIA and CEU Categories from BPI (see page 4) are strongly encouraged, and will receive additional consideration.

We ask that you submit original session content to help us ensure topics presented are fresh and engaging for Better Buildings by Design conference attendees.

Submit your session here. If you have an idea and want to discuss it prior to submission, reach out to Laura Capps (

Efficiency Vermont plans to host the conference in–person, February 2-3, 2022.