Effective Date: January 1, 2019

Offer subject to change.

Top candidates for retrocommissioning include:

  • Buildings with central boilers, chiller plants, or underutilized automated control systems
  • Buildings with unexplained increases in energy use or occupant complaints about comfort
  • Buildings that have recently shifted to a new use or type of business activity
  1. Pre-screening: We assess whether retrocommissioning is right for your facility.
  2. Qualification: A RCx agent, your preferred contractor, and our energy consultant inspect your building to identify opportunities for saving.
    [Paid by us: 100% of cost up to $5,000]
  3. Development: RCx agent sets up monitors, performs diagnostics, and develops a report outlining recommendations, including costs to implement and projected savings.
    [Paid by us: 50% of cost up to $15,000]
  4. Implementation: Vendors, RCx agent, and customer carry out work recommended in report, then monitor and optimize.
    [Paid to you: 10 cents per kwh up to $25,000, based on your projected energy savings]
  5. Verification: Our energy consultant measures, documents, and verifies your savings after project completion.