How to Redeem

Purchases on or before 6/30/19:

  1. Confirm eligibility: see below and the Rebate Form.
  2. Purchase and install qualifying product(s).
  3. Complete and sign the application, or apply online.
  4. Submit completed application with W9 and invoice(s).
  5. Submit completed application form and invoice(s) by 9/30/19.

Purchases on or after 7/1/19:

LED lighting is no longer on the Agricultural Equipment Rebate Form; however, rebates are still available to agricultural customers.

  • Interior retrofit kits
  • Interior and exterior fixtures: Instant rebates are now available at participating distributors for the products listed below. Visit to learn more about specific products.
    • ENERGY STAR® screw-based LED replacement lamps, LED fixtures and retrofit kits
    • DLC replacement lamps (LED Linear/TLEDs, LED four-pin based CFL replacements, LED HID)
    • DLC interior fixtures with and without integrated sensors (troffers, surface/suspended linear, low-bay, high-bay, and refrigerator/freezer case fixtures). Note: Retrofit kits must use Commercial Lighting Rebate Form.
    • DLC exterior fixtures & exterior retrofit kits with and without integrated sensors.


Purchased on or before 6/30/19:

Fixture Lumen Output Rebate per Fixture
6,000 or fewer $30
6,001 - 9,999 $30
10,000 - 16,000 $80
16,000+ $80
Any retrofit kit $15

Eligibility Requirements

Purchased on or before 6/30/19:

  • Limit: 250 lighting products per project.
  • LED fixtures must be new and listed on the DesignLights Consortium┬« (DLC). Visit to search for a specific product and click on the "Details" button next to product to confirm that it is qualified.
  • Rebate form should only be used for fixtures being installed INSIDE an agricultural facility.
    • For exterior LED fixture rebates, see the Commercial Lighting Rebate Form.
    • For plant growing applications, please contact Efficiency Vermont to inquire about potential custom incentives.
  • Products should be appropriately rated for the application in which they are going to be installed. Consult with manufacturer specification sheet for warranty applicability.