How to Redeem

  1. To schedule a free no-contact pick-up, call 888-998-6323 or sign up online.
  2. On the day of pick-up, move units to be recycled outside the home (in a driveway, garage, etc.).
  3. You will receive a rebate check within 6 weeks for each working unit.


Effective Date: April 15, 2020

Offer subject to change.

  • $50 rebate for each working refrigerator or freezer.
  • $20 rebate for each working window AC or dehumidifier.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Exclusive offer for Vermont residential utility customers.
  • Primary refrigerators are not eligible.
  • Refrigerators must be 10-30 cu ft.
  • Units must be in working condition.
  • Limit: (4) per household per year.
  • Offer is first-come, first-served and is subject to change at any time.