Efficiency Vermont wins a 2011 Energy Star Partner of the Year award

Efficiency Vermont was named the 2011 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award winner in the “Energy Efficiency Program Delivery for New Homes” category.

Brattleboro joins Energy Leadership Challenge

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and costs in municipal buildings and operations, Brattleboro is teaming up with a new statewide program sponsored by Efficiency Vermont.

Norwich University joins the Energy Leadership Challenge to reduce energy consumption by 7.5%

University officials announced they have joined Efficiency Vermont’s Energy Leadership Challenge, which establishes a goal of reducing energy consumption by 7.5% on the campus over the next two years.

Efficiency Vermont gives old drafty houses new lease on life

Thanks to technical help from Efficiency Vermont and some financial assistance a Vermont resident’s electricity bill dropped by more than half.

Tips to cut home heating costs

Helpful ways to save energy and decrease your heating bills this winter and insight from a local weatherization and home energy expert.

Pupils shine a light on energy use

Students at Ferrisburgh Central School were recognized for their efforts to sell energy efficient light bulbs as part of Efficiency Vermont and Green Mountain Power's annual CFL Challenge.

Unique Habitat For Humanity home boasts ultra-energy savings

Efficiency Vermont's Peter Schneider discusses his work with Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity on a project that combines affordable housing with cutting-edge energy efficiency technology.

Lake Region cuts almost $16K in energy bills

Lake Region Union High School, in Orleans, Vermont has used efficiency to achieve a dramatic reduction in its energy bills.

Maximizing control, minimizing impact at MyWebGrocer

MyWebGrocer teamed up with Efficiency Vermont on a project to revitalize the Champlain Mill building in Winooski.

Efficiency Vermont cited for leadership

Energy-efficiency programs designed and implemented by Vermont Energy Investment Corp. have been called among the most innovative and effective in the nation.

Environmental activist Bill McKibben praises Efficiency Vermont

In a rare address to the full Vermont House of Representatives, noted environmental activist Bill McKibben warned of the dangers posed by climate change.

Burlington residents promote Home Energy Challenge

On Earth Day, Burlington residents organized to help their friends and neighbors join the Home Energy Challenge.

Spring into action for winter

It may not seem like it, but Spring is a great time to weatherize your home.

After Irene, advocates design efficient mobile home

Efficiency Vermont is collaborating with the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, the High Meadows Fund, and builder Steve Davis to design the next generation of mobile homes.

Bennington College sees honor for sustainability

Bennington College participated in Efficiency Vermont's Energy Leadership Challenge. They had the highest energy savings of any higher education institution, reducing their electric usage by 12.4% over two years.

Vermonters generate big savings through energy efficiency

Efficiency Vermont Director Jim Merriam sat down with Times Argus Editor Steven Pappas to discuss Vermont's energy picture, and the role of efficiency in helping meet the state's energy goals.

Better Buildings by Design conference explores the cutting edge of energy efficiency

Net zero buildings, which produce as much energy over the course of a year as they consume, are becoming increasingly common.

The EEC: Vermont's investment in energy efficiency

Fox 44 and ABC 22 reporter Michael Page examines the energy efficiency charge on Vermonters' utility bills. What are Vermonters getting for their investment in energy efficiency?

Legislature passes bill authorizing Efficiency Vermont to promote heat pumps

The Vermont House of Representatives approved bill S.202 on May 6th, allowing Efficiency Vermont to offer subsidies for efficient electric heat pumps.

President Obama cites Efficiency Vermont as a national model

In announcing new plans to reduce carbon emissions, President Obama cited Efficiency Vermont's work as a national model.

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