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Learning how to Button Up

by Kristin Dearborn, Customer Support Specialist

In recognition of Button Up Day, the customer support team at Efficiency Vermont attended a Weatherization Skillshop in Essex Vermont. The workshop was taught by weatherization contractors Chip Patullo and Jim Bradley. Our instructors mixed classroom lecture with hands-on demonstrations of weatherization techniques that really helped attendees understand how to tighten up a home for energy savings, comfort, health, and safety.

Hands on skills needed to weatherize 

Skillshop participants worked with an attic prop that featured different wiring types (knob and tube and more modern wiring), a chimney, examples of what to do for plaster walls, and lots of places to practice air-sealing with tubes of spray foam. There was also an interactive basement prop with opportunities to air seal the sill plates and rim joists, two of the most over looked but cost effective areas to air seal in a home. The end of the session brought the Central Vermont Community Action Home Energy Makeover trailer; the interior is designed to show opportunities for air-sealing and insulation within a basement, living area, and attic.

I left the skillshop with the confidence that I can stop air flow in a basement, seal windows for the winter, and I now have first-hand experience sealing air leaks in an attic and weather-stripping a door. I'm a renter, so even though I can't apply much of this at home, I will be able to tackle weatherizing my doors and windows this heating season. But, best of all I look forward to being able to share some insights into what it takes to "Button Up" with customers that call Efficiency Vermont.

If you would like to attend a Weatherization Skillshop, there is still time to sign up. Have you already been to a Weatherization Skillshop? Tell me about your experience in the comments.


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