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From Cow to Creemee Pt. 2: A Story of Efficiency

by Alan Hebert, Planning and Development Manager

Vermonters have a special love affair with the creemee and locally made products. Today, I pick up where Jim Merriam left off in Part 1: From Cow to Creemee: A Story of Energy Efficiency and Vermont. In that post we discussed how energy efficiency starts in the barns of Vermont dairy farmers to the processing facilities of the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery. Now we move to how this delectable treat travels to the stores and inevitably into your cone.

Creemee mix from the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery is sold and distributed to a friendly creemee window or counter near you.  

Businesses that sell creemees range from hardware stores, to cafes, and standalone “creemee shacks.”  Refrigeration is one of the top energy costs for small businesses like the ones that sell creemees. The delicious creemee mix can use quite a bit of electricity in order to bring the mixture to that perfect temperature.  Creemees are made by using a creemee or soft serve mix and refrigerating it almost 10 degrees lower than traditional ice cream. 

One business that took the next step to lower their energy costs of refrigeration is the Chubby Muffin café in Burlington. The Chubby Muffin serves up local creemees with mix from the St. Albans Cooperative all while saving energy on overall refrigeration needs. Specifically, the café saves energy by pumping cold air from the outside into the coolers in the winter rather than relying on air compressors. These energy savings were made possible through the Chubby Muffin’s participation in Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility’s Business Energy Action program and the Burlington Electric Department’s energy efficiency incentives.

Keep this local creemee journey in mind when you’re in line to order your favorite flavor (many Vermonters prefer maple).  The smile on your face as you enjoy is the final product of taking it from Cow to Creemee.  It truly is a sweet trip.


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