Flare Connections for Heat Pumps: Burlington

June 26, 2024

Format: In-Person
Location: Johnstone Supply Burlington, 557 Riverside Avenue Burlington, VT 05401
Cost: Free

Flare connections for heat pumps are where installing technicians have the best opportunity to create a system that will never leak refrigerant for the life of the heat pump. At this in-person training you will learn how to make perfect flares. Cutting the lineset, the best way to use a flare tool and the proper use of a torque wrench will be shown. Participants will have an opportunity to practice on several different kinds of flare tools. The correct way to repair leaky flares will also be discussed and demonstrated. Participants are encouraged to bring their flare tool to get tips on best use. Participants will also have an opportunity to use the latest technology in flare making. This training is presented by Daikin Comfort Technologies (and Johnstone Supply), and is part of Efficiency Vermont's Quality HVAC education series. Learning objectives: Understand the role of flare connections in preventing refrigerant leaks. Identify common flaws that cause leaks in flare connections. Explain the important features of quality tools for flare connections. Understand how to operate a manual flare block and powered flare tool. Understand how to measure flare shape using a flare gauge.

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Hosted by Daikin Comfort Technologies and Johnstone Supply

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