VT RBES 2024: Deep Dive into the Points Table and Examples of Points Options (1 AIA LU/HSW)

April 26, 2024
7:30-8:30am EST

Online Webinar

Basic building science knowledge will be beneficial for the attendee but, should not discourage anyone with interest from participating. Vermont's energy codes are regularly updated to make sure we are on track to meet our "net zero energy ready construction by 2030" statewide goal. Revised versions of the Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES) and Commercial Building Energy Standards (CBES) are effective July 1, 2024.

This session will review the new energy 2024 RBES, significant changes, and compliance options. Learn about the Package Plus Points compliance options, and how that gives builders flexibility. Learn how simplification of packages applies to Base Code and Stretch Code and how points are factored in. Understanding how to read the R402.1.2.1, R402.1.2.2, and R402.1.2.3 points tables. Learn how to apply the points options your project design plans.

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Hosted by Efficiency Vermont [email protected]

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