SIGA Airtightness Workshop

March 5, 2024
9:00am - 1:00pm EST

SIGA High-Performance Construction Academy, 23 S Broadway #4B Salem, NH 03079

In residential and commercial buildings, a well-designed and executed, high-performance, continuously sealed envelope contributes to low energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. It increases occupant comfort and the building’s long-term durability. The airtightness workshop is a fresh look at the features of resilient and efficient envelope design that examines the key layers that comprise the fabric of the building, and how a well-planned weather, air, and vapor sealing strategy avoids risk and saves money. Strategies in High-Performance Building Envelopes Participants will be engaged in a discussion and a hands-on envelope detailing workshop.

During this 4-hour, interactive course participants will learn:

  • Building science fundamentals and the environmental impacts that affect building performance taught by SIGA
  • Building envelope key components & terms
  • The importance of a continuous weather & airtightness layer(s)
  • Strategies to avoid risk from design to implementation

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