2023 VPA Spring Conference: Revitalizing Downtowns and Village Centers: How your community can make it happen

June 2, 2023
12-5pm EST

Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, VT 71 N. Main St. Randolph, VT 05060
$15 for Zoom and $30 for in-person

The 2023 VPA Spring Conference is focused on how communities have enabled meaningful, long-lasting change--from small changes to zoning regulations to the redevelopment of buildings in downtowns and village centers. The conference features a range of speakers who will speak about how large and small changes have led to community revitalization and sustainable growth for years to come.

The Spring Conference will consist of two sessions.

  • Session 1 will be about specific tools and methods for enabling change in communities.
  • Session 2 will focus on the development and redevelopment of downtowns and village centers.

Speakers include:

  • Juli Beth Hinds, Principal at Birchline Planning, and Staff Research Associate and Instructor at University of California, San Diego
  • Gretchen Havreluk, Business Consultant at Ingram & May Skye Morse, Vice President and Principal at M&S Development
  • Eric Vorwald, Planning and Zoning Manager at City of Winooski Mike
  • Miller, Planning Director at City of Montpelier We hope to see you there!

Additional Information

Hosted by: Vermont Planners Association Contact: Ravi Venkataraman Email: [email protected]

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