New Program Offerings for VFDs and IE5 Motors

April 12, 2023
8-9am EST


Join Efficiency Vermont Staff as they announce and explain two new incentive programs for 2023. The first part of the webinar will focus on VFD contractor incentives. There are a lot of opportunities across Vermont for commercial facilities to install VFDs. Efficiency Vermont is offering a bonus to contractors that identify and submit commercial VFD project leads and another bonus if the lead results in a completed and submitted VFD project. Contractors will learn how to submit projects and what constitutes and eligible lead. During the latter part of the prestation staff will present on the new ultra-efficient electric motors are now available for purchase in Vermont. These motors meet the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) “IE5” efficiency rating, which exceeds the IE3 comparable efficiency rating of NEMA premium motors. High efficiencies are achieved using a new rotor design and corresponding controls, while maintaining the reliability and serviceability of induction motors. Staff will review eligibility requirements and the customer incentive available.

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