Part II: The Big Picture: Integration of the Whole Building System (Brattleboro, VT)

October 26, 2022
3:45-7:45pm EST

Windham Regional Career Center, 80 Atwood St. Brattleboro, VT 05301
Members: $200, Non-members: $250

This course gives participants an overview of the building as a whole system. Students will take away: 1) skills to identify components of high-performance homes 2) the knowledge necessary to compare and contrast high-performance homes with code minimum conventional construction The course will be taught by professionals in the field and will emphasize real-world applications. Classroom learning will be balanced with hands-on experience, and evaluations will reflect these methods. Topics and Competency Levels Apply knowledge of the thermal envelope by identifying on plan sets Demonstrate understanding of simultaneous consideration of energy, durability, comfort, and IAQ Convey understanding of integrated design and construction Identify air barriers and explain their importance. Identify and explain for each of the three basic barriers: air, thermal, and water. Identify the various heating plants and explain impact on the system including where it penetrates the envelope. Identify ventilation systems

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Hosted by Sustainable Energy Outreach Network (SEON)

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