Part I: Think Like Air, Think Like Water: Building Science Principles Related to the Enclosure (Brattleboro, VT)

October 19, 2022
3:45-7:45pm EST

Windham Regional Career Center 80 Atwood St. Brattleboro, VT 05301
Members: $200, Non-members: $250

This course gives students an introduction to specific strategies used to achieve durable and energy efficient enclosures. Students will take away: 1) skills to describe the air tightness strategy used in a specific high-performance system 2) the ability to discuss strategies for proper moisture management given real world examples The course will be taught by professionals in the field and will emphasize real-world applications. Classroom learning will be balanced with hands-on experience, and evaluations will reflect these methods. Course Topics and Competencies: Explain the concept of heat transfer (convection, conduction and radiation) Explain/identify the drainage plane system on doors and windows. Explain the moisture transport of liquid Identify transitions between water and air Explain convective air transport due to pressure differences from the three basic sources or forces that drive this: stack effect, wind, and fans of any sort (spot-exhaust, unbalanced ventilation, leaky forced-air space conditioning. Identify proper material selection (IAQ, thermal mass, moisture) Identify assembly drying potential Identify air sealing and framing sequencing Control layers and the flow of heat, vapor, water air and solar gain through building components Understand hygrothermal analysis and the ability to predict the flow of heat and moisture across enclosure assemblies using computer software.

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Hosted by Sustainable Energy Outreach Network (SEON)

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