July 2022 PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder Training

July 18 - 29, 2022
12-3pm EST


Virtual training in two phases. Phase I: an 8-hour online prep course prior to Phase II. Phase II: three hours per day from 12-3pm EST over eight days: July 18-19 (M-TU), July 21-22 (TH-F), July 25-26 (M-TU), and July 28-29 (TH-F). A total of approximately 32 hours of course content (Phase I + Phase II) including: general passive house principles, enclosure issues, HVAC considerations and testing, cost optimization/bidding, and QA/QC process. Course is preparation for CPHB Certification.

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Hosted by PHIUS & RDH Building Science

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