Residential System Design Seminar: Manuals J, S, and D

May 17, 2022

The Peterson School, 705 Plantation Street | Worcester, MA 01605
Members = $250.00; Non-Members = $350.00

You do not need ACCA Manuals or software for this course. Site Survey: Learn how to quickly identify all inputs needed for the ACCA Approved, Manual J v8 software of your choice. Please don’t guess at sizing, it better be an educated calculation! Equipment Selection: Learn the sizing guidelines for residential equipment selection to include: A/C, Heat Pumps, Furnaces, Dual-Fuel Systems, and Boilers. Residential Duct Design: Learn how to calculate the Friction Rate for your job (not all jobs are .10"), including basics like Available Static Pressure and Total Equivalent Length, before diving into Sizing Duct Runs and Trunks.

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Hosted by Air Conditioning Association of New England. Contact: 508-839-3407.

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