HRV/ERV Installation & Balancing Fundamentals

November 16, 2021

$615.00 + taxes

Participants will receive the skills and knowledge to balance the airflows of Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRV/ERVs). They will also have an overview of the installation and measurement requirements. An HRAI checklist for installation and servicing of HRVs and ventilation systems will be made available, for use when on the job. After an instructor-led demonstration, participants will be divided into two groups to complete a hands-on assessment of balancing and a brief exam on installation requirements and the theory and application of air flow measurement. Participants are encouraged to bring their own measuring equipment and use it in a comfortable learning environment.

Major Takeaways:

  • Certification as an HRV/ERV Balancer, which is recognized by many jurisdictions
  • The ability to use a variety of flow measuring devices to measure and balance airflow
  • A good understanding of installation practices

Prerequisite: Details vary depending on the local code, so participants are required to attend HRAI’s Residential Ventilation using Section 9.32 of the Building Code OR Residential Ventilation using CSA F326 course before being able to attend the HRV/ERV Installation & Balancing Fundamentals course.

Additional Information

This training is done in partnership with HRAI. For any assistance, please call HRAI at 1-800-267-2231 ext 241.

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