Open Hiring: Expand Your Workforce Through Inclusive Employment

October 14, 2021

Non-members – $20; VBSR Members – Free

According to Greyston’s Center for Open Hiring annual report, it takes an average of 36 days and $4100 to fill the typical job opening across the U.S. and yet there are millions of open jobs waiting to be filled. Open Hiring is a transformative practice for employers, employees, and community. It offers opportunities to those hardest to employ and allows companies to access a broader pool of talent while creating positive change and promoting equity. Employers find inclusive hiring decreases employers’ time and cost-to hire, increases revenue and productivity, and unlocks the power of human potential through inclusive employment.

This workshop will focus on communicating best practices around recruiting and retaining employees that commonly struggle to find and keep work because of justice involvement, language barriers, housing instability, recovery from substance use disorder, limited education or qualifications, lack of work experience, and/or low or no job skills. Experts will discuss the framework of Open Hiring, share specific examples and lessons taken from the Open Hiring pilot with Rhino Foods, and introduce key community-based supports essential to employee retention, success, and community partnership.

Workshop Presenters: Abigail Saunders, Director of Human Resources, Greyston Bakery Caitlin Goss, Director of Human Resources, Rhino Foods Heather Newcomb, Program Manager, VT Works for Women Lisa Lord, Director of Workforce Development, Recovery Vermont Maia Hanron, Working Bridges Resource Coordinator, Rhino Foods Connie Beal, Working Bridges Initiative Director, United Way of Northwest Vermont

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