Zehnder 550 ComfoAir Workshop

September 17, 2021

Habitat for Humanity Project 11 Highland Ave, Barre, Vermont

Hosted at the Habitat for Humanity facility in Barre. A unit will be wall-mounted in the basement with a couple of 3" runs installed and and connected to the distribution boxes. The demonstration will include how to connect the 3" runs. John Rockwell from Zehnder will be bringing the 9" exhaust and intake ducts to show how easily they connect. John Rockwell, Zehnder rep will explain the difference between ERV's and HRV's and why we are moving towards ERV's in Vermont.

Additional Information

Questions? Please contact Bruce Landry Habitat for Humanity bruce@centralvermonthabitat.org

To register, send an email to een@efficiencyvermont.com