Green Home Design & Details - For homeowners and design/construction professionals

September 7 - 28, 2021
Tuesdays from 7:00pm-9:00pm


This online workshop will help you make the leap from standard market-driven construction to a quality "green" home. We will discuss site design, building envelope design, climatic design, durable construction detailing, energy efficiency, passive and active solar strategies, resource-efficient material choices, indoor air quality, high performance building systems, heating and cooling equipment, sustainable forestry, and the ineffability of day-light and beauty.

This course covers a range of topics that inform the design of a healthy, delightful, green home. Informed by over 35 years of experience building and teaching, this course uses a "flipped classroom" model, so the class time is devoted to discussion and questions related to student's projects.

Pre-recorded lectures will be available for prior viewing and class discussions will be far-ranging. It is anticipated that students will come prepared to fully engage with the material they've reviewed in advance. Students get the most out of this course if they have their own project to which they can relate the course material and ask questions in discussion. Green Home Design & Details is for homeowners and those planning a new home or addition who want to refine their goals for energy efficiency and sustainable resource use.

This course is also useful for professionals who wish to increase their knowledge of green design and construction.

Course Details