Center for Research & Public Policy presents: How do Vermonters think about weatherization?

April 13, 2021

Microsoft Teams

The Center for Research & Public Policy is pleased to present the results of a statewide survey on weatherization in Vermont, conducted on behalf of Efficiency Vermont and VGS.

This statewide survey was designed to collect input from Vermont residents on their experience with (and perceptions of) weatherization. This research can be used to help all who work in the weatherization space to improve our understanding of potential gaps between actual opportunities for weatherization and customers’ perceived opportunities for weatherization.

The objectives include:

  1. Understanding how Vermonters perceive “weatherization” (what does it mean to them, what is their experience with it, and how might they value it)
  2. The relative motivations/barriers/attitudes towards different types of weatherization projects (air sealing, insulation, windows, DIY etc.)
  3. Learn what weatherization projects Vermonters have undertaken classified by type, scope, cost, how they were completed and why (DIY vs. contractor)
  4. Understand how weatherization fits into customers’ home improvement journey. Weatherization is one type of home improvement among many. Learning how weatherization relates to other home improvement projects will help inform how to reach Vermonters more effectively.
  5. Understand the role financing plays in decision making, and test different types/options.

To join the meeting at noon on April 13th, click the link below. You can allso call in (audio only) by calling 802-490-7686,,615336647#.

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